Friday, 18 May 2018

Hip Hop Connection Magazine - Issues 7 & 8

Issue #7, August 1989 (LL Cool J front cover)

This issue came with a free flexidisc. However let's not get too excited. The song, Change Your Ways, was taken from the just-released Walking With A Panther album. And even then it was only available on the cassette and CD versions rather than the record.
In summary, it's his not best work from his not best album.

The magazine is here.
The song is here.


Issue #8, September 1989 (EPMD front cover)

More hip-hop goodness including the adorable fresh-faced mugshots in the Connections section.

The magazine is here.

N.b. Sorry for the huge gaps in between each uploading of these HHC mags but the response from the blog readership to keep putting them up here digitally is just so ear-shatteringly deafening.
Whoops, I meant of course, non-existent.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Beat Street Japan - New LOVEGROVE Design

Here is the newest design by LOVEGROVE designs. It's a great play on the classic Beat Street logo from the legendary 1984 b-boy film.
Fans of Style Warrior may remember the excellent Beat Street tee they put out a few years ago and this version is seemingly going down the same route as the recent Kold Sweat Records tee with it's LOVEGROVE-remixed Japanese slant.

It's available as a tee or hoodie in two colours (hoodie only in one).
For more info go here:

But as always, it's an order first, product soon-come affair as the design is strictly a one-off. Miss out and you will forever lose out.

Friday, 20 April 2018

ABU Is 10 Years Old!

Today - 20th April 2018 - marks ten years since the Ageing B-Boys Unite! blog came into existence. Nope, I can't believe it either (I actually thought is was 11 years...).

Why did I start it?
Well, at the time there were a fair few hip-hop blogs around and after a few months of reading them I thought it was time to do one from a UK perspective. Also I had let my creative writing passion continue its' long-term hiatus ever since the days of Juice Fanzine in the 90s.
After seeing the banner written on an early Fat Lace Magazine which stated, "the magazine for ageing b-boys..." I reckoned I could use that. Well, c'mon, hip-hop is built on biting!

The links to every music file I ever uploaded are most likely all dead - mostly because I used the once-great file-sharing platform, Rapidshare which sadly became defunct in 2012. Many of the blogs I used to visit also relied on Rapidshare, too, which meant that all their content went the same way.

What's the future?
Who knows? Anyone who's been a regular over the years will know how quiet ABU! has been of late. Last year I even thought it was all over but, like the great Pete Tong says, we continue. We're not quite done and we limp awkwardly around here in 2018 not quite knowing what we're doing like a senile uncle. If it's okay with you we'll just put our collective feet up on this stool and sit quietly in the corner of the room sipping tea and dunking biscuits until the nurse comes over to administer the medication.
Will we be celebrating in another 10 years? I don't really want to have to think about that as I'll be heading towards a rather large milestone in my life.
But chances are, no.

I made some useful acquaintances over the years through the blog and I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there and I'll tell you that a guy named Supreme was a direct influence because of his blog. This now sounds completely lame because I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the blog he used to run. It did disappear a few years back in my defence.
I remember he once posted links to grab a tonne of (digital) Battle Breaks on one blog post years back which I thought was odd as the concept of digital DJing was still quite a new thing and I didn't rally understand how it worked. How times have changed?

Waxer and Disco Scratch came along pretty early on and we became a worthwhile alliance. This was early social networking.

Another blogger, Warlord seemed to be the epitome of that (awful) 'Tubthumping' song in that every time his blog got busted he came back again and refused to stay down. Although he has not been active for a while now.

And lastly, Ramses has been a long-time follower and I can remember knocking around with him in the golden days of the forum. I would say 'R.I.P.' but the board is still going although not like the heady heights of the old days.

The reason for all of life's back luck and anger can be laid at the feet of one thing: Facebook.
Many people jumped ship and now use social media for their everyday news and music links - me included, so I can't complain. I just wish that Blogger  had incorporated Facebook into it's design a bit more then it may have given it a longer shelf life.

Anyhoo, this is me, Repo, wearing a party hat, blowing a plastic horn and about to cut a slice of birthday cake. Want some?

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Roxanne, Roxanne Movie Review

Why'd'ya Have To Make A Movie 'Bout Me...?!

There was talk of a Roxanne Shante screen adaptation some years ago and here it finally is.
This mid/low budget drama tells the story of Lolita Shante Gooden as she tries to make her way through life in early 1980s NYC, specifically the projects in Queensbridge.

It all looks rather clean for 1984, no filthy streets, clothes all immaculate; I imagined a totally different place back then.
Thirteen year-old Roxanne is constantly heralded as the Queen emcee, especially by her best friend who insists of announcing her presence wherever she goes, ("the champ is here, the champ is here"). Sadly though we don't get to actually see much battling as the story is more concerned in showing you Shante's personal battles than those out in the parks and basketball courts.

The REAL Roxanne (left) / TV Roxanne (right)

This is evident early on and we learn how much of a struggle she had with looking after her younger sisters and trying to keep her head up in the Projects. However we do eventually get to see Roxanne's first glimmer of fame as she records that answer record about UTFO up in Marley Marl's crib. The actor playing Marley has a slight resemblance to him and that works in his favour. Actually the actress playing Roxanne not only looks alike at times but has a similar name in real life - Chanté Adams.

We don't get to see a whole deal of the concerts and life in music as I explained earlier which may frustrate some because of course that is pretty much why many wanted this film to be made in the first place. Nevertheless it's a good insight into what made her the feisty young lady she became.

There is some A-list talent roped in to this project such as Forest Whitaker and Pharrell Williams who were two of the many producers, The RZA on scoring duties as well as the 1990s-honey dip, Nia Long (Boyz n the Hood, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and 1/3 Beastie Boy, Adam Horovitz in a short cameo.
However for me though I feel it could've gone a bit deeper into the music as some of the Juice Crew were featured (albeit by actors) and I couldn't help thinking that we could've got some good stories out of them.

Oh, and the less said about the shoe-horned Nas scenes, the better.

Roxanne, Roxanne is available to watch on Netflix here.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

ABU Funk Special Podcast REEEEWIND!

Tonight at 9pm is the ABU Podcast on Disco Scratch Radio.

This is a rewind show from 2013, a Funk Special.
Go to to listen.
Go to to chat.

Check it out. Tonight! 9pm!


The above show is now resident on the Disco Scratch server.



01 Rueben Wilson - Inner City Blues (1972)
02 Consumer Rapport - Go On With Your Bad Self (1975)
03 Kool & The Gang - Jungle Jazz (1975)
04 The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost (1978)
05 James Brown - Escape-ism (1971)
06 Afrique - House Of Rising Funk (1973)
07 Lightnin' Rod - Sport (1973)
08 The 24 Carat Black - Ghetto Misfortune's Wealth (1973)
09 Eric B. & Rakim - In the Ghetto (1990)
10 David Matthews - Sandworms (Dune 1977)
11 David McCullum - The Edge (1967)
12 Pearly Queen - Quit Jivin' (1974)
13 Andre Previn - Executive Party (from Rollerball 1975)
14 Alan Hawkshaw - Blarney's Stoned (1972)
15 Nick Ingman - Tense Preparation (1972)
16 Synthesonic Sounds - House Of The Rising Sun (1973)
17 Jean Jacques Perrey - E.V.A. (1970)
18 Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep (Step In The Arena 1990)
19 Cat Stevens - Was Dog A Doughnut (1977)
20 Keith Mansfield - Teenage Chase (1969)
21 Krug Manfred - Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt (1976)
22 Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa (1973)
23 Cookie Crew - Born This Way (1989)
24 87th Off Broadway - Moving Woman
25 Sweet Linda Divine - I'll Say It Again (1970)
26 The Chocolate Jam Co. - Chocolate Jam (1979)
27 Archie Bell & The Drells - I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (1979)
28 Jackson 5 - It's Great To Be Here (1974)
29 Seals And Crofts - Sweet Green Fields (1976)
30 Tom Scott - Today (1967)
31 King Curtis - Instant Groove (1969)
32 The Politicians - Free Your Mind (1972)
33 Dennis Coffey - Getting It On (1974)
34 Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street (1972)
35 Gil Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (1970)

Thursday, 22 March 2018

New Steinski Stuff!

Double Dee (L), Steinski (R)

What's this? New Steinski material? And WITH Double Dee as well? Yoinks!
This is What's The Angle? - Double Dee featuring ADA and is in that typical cut 'n' paste style we've come to know, expect and demand.
New track from Double Dee featuring ADA! In this first official collaboration Double Dee invited long time fan ADA into the Double Dee and Steinski family to help answer the question "What's The Angle?"

“What’s the Angle” is in the same bag as some of my previous productions, "Jezebel" and "Who Owns Culture #2", all which have a decidedly rock feel and use elements from classic recordings. As you’ll hear in the track, there are samples from more than a few sources - some more well known than others. See if you can find them!
Listen below and go to the Bandcamp page to grab a high-quality copy.

Also check out this recent Steinski piece. It's a very downbeat and sombre audio collage in ode of the recent school fatalities of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last month.

More links...

Why not check out the rest of their Soundcloud page here (as well as here) with many other goodies including remastered versions of the legendary Lessons tracks. Excellent stuff.
And while you're scootin' all over the internet, here's the Double Dee and Steinski Official Site.
You may find yourself here for a long while.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Roxanne Shante Is Coming To Netflix

There's a brand new biopic coming to our screens exclusively on Netflix on March 23 all about the legendary Roxanne Shante aka Lolita Shante Gooden.
Produced by Pharrell Williams this gritty drama deals with Roxanne's early life and the trials and tribulations that take place as she suddenly becomes hip-hop's hottest property.

Fingers crossed that this will be a very worthy watch as hopefully the fact that this is not something that the world is screaming out for - no disrespect intended to the Queen of Rox - so maybe there will be a feeling of passion put into this rather than something just knocked out quickly because it's the flavour of the month.

Further reading:
The Story of Roxanne Shanté: How a Teenager From Queens Became Rap's First Female Star

The Return of Disco Scratch Radio - TONIGHT!

Tonight sees the return of Disco Scratch Radio back to our airwaves at 9pm just like it always was.
And word on the street is... this could well be a regular thing.

Disco Scratch Radio will be back on air tonight (Thursday 15th March 2018 @9pm) and Waxer is introducing a new section to the show for each live broadcast, entitled "ABU! in 3"
This part of the show is for any member of the Ageing B Boys Unite Facebook group who wishes to interact by selecting 3 records that represent them.
These records DO NOT have to be hip hop.
In fact you can have anything you feel represents you.

The general schedule for Disco Scratch Radio is a live show on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month (with the ABU! in 3 section) and 2nd and 4th Thursdays being Polystylism/Digging 4 Victory and sometimes an official ABU! Podcast on the last Thursday of the month.

So how do you get involved?
Simply inbox us direct with your 3 selected record choices, a few lines about who you are and why you chose those records and any crew shout outs.

The Group Inbox address is here:

Wax will do the "ABU in 3" section just after his rant, "Views At Ten", so expect the ABU bit around 10.15pm.

Hope you can get involved and please remember, inbox only for submissions. That way we can discuss choices in the live chat.

Anything else?
Oh yeah, please try to get your submissions in at least a week before a scheduled show. The next live show will be next week 22nd so start getting them in!

Audi 5000...

Tune in tonight from 9pm at the usual place:

Join the chatroom, too:

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

New From Haynesy Feat. ddubble - The ddubble EP

Do you remember a UK rap compilation album called Hard Core Volume 1 from back in 1988? One of the best songs on it was Control by DJ Cue Tips & Dashy D.
It turns out that one of this duo (Matt) is a member of the ABU Facebook Group and casually mentioned the fact that he was part of the album. Well, it also turns out that he has made this lovely little two-track beauty (as 'HAYNESY').

It's digital only but he would much rather get a physical release out, too.
Support it here:

Also, speaking of that Hard Core comp, there was a cut called Into The Music by one MC Krazee A aka Nihal Arthanayake.
Some of you might recognise the name Nihal as that guy who presents on the radio (BBC Radio 5 Live, Asian Network) as well as appearances on tv (The Wright Show).
Well, isn't it a Krazee world....

Monday, 26 February 2018

New From REMARK - Book Of Fear

New heat from Remark telling it like it is over a dope, retro synth-led banger!
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Disclaimer - Important!

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